GridLuceneOutputStream has a bug on copyBytes method and 
GridLuceneInputStream on readBytes method for direct calls from 
GridLuceneOutputStream, since version in which ignite was updated to lucene

since commit 478d3b5d3361c3d74d0da4b6a78e9944d8b95630
IGNITE-3562: Updated Lucene dependency to version 5.5.2. This closes #1987.

On both methods internal GridLuceneOutputStream's CRC is not updated, so we 
get  /org.apache.lucene.index.CorruptIndexException: checksum failed 
(hardware problem?) [...]/ when the use of lucene internally try to merge

To reproduce:
1 - Create a cache with a query entity with at least one @QueryTextField
String field
2 - Insert data (for example 50kb aleatory string, bigger string make fails
sooner) on cache (put or by stream) with a loop 
3 - waits (no more than 1 minute, depends on your computer) until lucene try
to internal merge index

Suggested patch to fix CorruptIndexException on GridLuceneIndex 

Hope it helps!! 



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