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    IGNITE-7712 Fix for tests


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    This closes #3783
commit e5b2e3a9fa4aca6f74b58bad5b1e58afda39f257
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2017-10-06T17:11:37Z

    IGNITE-6463 Web Console: Fixed output of big numbers in SQL query results.
    (cherry picked from commit 35589a7)

commit c32f0af1c2dfb14dc4d52a282c1d2e50bddcd066
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2017-10-06T18:10:08Z

    IGNITE-6574 Remove pending requests in case STATUS_AUTH_FAILURE && 
credentials == null.
    (cherry picked from commit 85261a3)

commit f62884b63663bebd9630ef01df59550033b85f1c
Author: Vasiliy Sisko <vsisko@...>
Date:   2017-10-09T10:55:23Z

    IGNITE-5767 Web console: Use byte array type instead of java.lang.Object 
for binary JDBC types.
    (cherry picked from commit 3184437)

commit aa9093a26ddaf91e7f068663c52e090480cdfe6d
Author: Vasiliy Sisko <vsisko@...>
Date:   2017-10-09T12:23:23Z

    IGNITE-6287 Web Console: Improved DDL support: added checkbox "Use selected 
cache as default schema name".
    (cherry picked from commit a45677c)

commit 912ae4b0fa3971499c1e8f9c4272c9b56b0355d2
Author: Sergey Chugunov <sergey.chugunov@...>
Date:   2017-10-09T15:35:11Z

    IGNITE-6583 Proper getters for rebalance metrics were added; ignite-style 
getters (without get) were deprecated
    Signed-off-by: Andrey Gura <>

commit aceed9498550833f5a0dcf7fcc003ea2f83378fa
Author: AMRepo <andrey.mashenkov@...>
Date:   2017-10-10T08:57:20Z

    IGNITE-6545: Failure during Ignite Service.cancel() can break normal 
shutdown process.

commit f006500391c9712d68d5b90f3da72a421fbda48a
Author: vsisko <vsisko@...>
Date:   2017-10-02T16:08:40Z

    IGNITE-6422 Visor CMD: Fixed cache statistics output.
    (cherry picked from commit 16d2370)

commit 252cb5d2a1962731b39505d6c0d711701a525724
Author: Krzysztof Chmielewski <krzysiek.chmielewski@...>
Date:   2017-10-10T14:50:59Z

    Fixed "IGNITE-6234 Initialize schemaIds to empty set if schemas field is 
null during the deserialization".
    Signed-off-by: nikolay_tikhonov <>

commit 8eaacd10953f31e75433847747ea7fcf4f129d3b
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2017-10-12T15:48:35Z

    IGNITE-6127 Fixed bytes encoding.
    (cherry picked from commit 0f3f7d2)

commit d9bba724c841e99d1374368654ddaa95cacf2ba9
Author: Alexey Popov <tank2.alex@...>
Date:   2017-10-06T09:18:38Z

    IGNITE-5224 .NET: PadLeft and PadRight support in LINQ
    This closes #2808

commit d2b0986d516503ebb46dac19ea1cb074efacc865
Author: Alexey Popov <tank2.alex@...>
Date:   2017-10-13T11:19:14Z

    IGNITE-4723 .NET: Support REGEXP_LIKE in LINQ
    This closes #2842

commit 0f0194d5e254181afd7f4a4745899d87f5430861
Author: NSAmelchev <nsamelchev@...>
Date:   2017-09-06T14:32:42Z

    Backport of IGNITE-2779 BinaryMarshaller caches must be cleaned during 
client reconnect
    (cherry picked from commit c6ac6a5)

commit 9b730195dda83820479415abc3569c6076b69b44
Author: Pavel Tupitsyn <ptupitsyn@...>
Date:   2017-08-04T09:34:05Z

    IGNITE-5927 .NET: Fix DataTable serialization
    This closes #2395

commit 3906e5e1abe2d50996d449748be68d5667c0f34d
Author: Alexey Popov <tank2.alex@...>
Date:   2017-10-17T11:45:42Z

    IGNITE-6627 .NET: Fix serialization of enums within generic collections
    * Fix EnumEqualityComparer serialization
    * Fix enum arrays serialization
    * Fix empty objects missing metadata
    This closes #2864

commit 949bfcca99348c010fcf4a1251c6057911c77db2
Author: Sergey Chugunov <sergey.chugunov@...>
Date:   2017-10-11T12:33:23Z

    IGNITE-6536 Node fails when detects mapping storage corruption
    Signed-off-by: Andrey Gura <>

commit 0a2ef5929d0453957debdf743cabd46d041c72ae
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2017-10-19T02:43:20Z

    IGNITE-6647 Web Console: Implemented support of schema migration scripts.
    (cherry picked from commit c65399c)

commit a16e9d92a57e39ec3d380ce8af9f97250c91594f
Author: Pavel Tupitsyn <ptupitsyn@...>
Date:   2017-10-19T09:36:39Z

    IGNITE-6627 .NET: Fix repeated known metadata updates
    This closes #2876

commit fadad75d80f76569afb3aa9e2dbf0c47a1d1d6af
Author: apopov <tank2.alex@...>
Date:   2017-10-19T10:07:13Z

    IGNITE-6362 NPE in Log4J2Logger

commit 00444932eef8077a6baaacb1bedc6ba68b221b25
Author: devozerov <vozerov@...>
Date:   2017-10-09T08:57:06Z

    IGNITE-6242 SQL: Added ability to specify cache, key type and value type 
names for CREATE TABLE. This closes #2740.
    (cherry picked from commit de94286)

commit 58181a1e33fe4c7bac9d04d6ccf77b5b67b39450
Author: Alexander Paschenko <alexander.a.paschenko@...>
Date:   2017-10-06T15:04:44Z

    IGNITE-6054: SQL: implemented "WRAP_KEY" and "WRAP_VALUE" modes for CREATE 
TABLE. This closes #2784.
    (cherry picked from commit 79d94cf)

commit 195af74f67558c3dc3d8a2a64b077e8a0e23e6ce
Author: devozerov <vozerov@...>
Date:   2017-10-18T12:03:28Z

    IGNITE-6662: SQL: fixed affinity key field name resolution during both 
parsig and table creation. This closes #2875.
    (cherry picked from commit bab8acb)

commit dd38388f346fac09b5571c37ba63847d60e0d338
Author: Alexander Paschenko <alexander.a.paschenko@...>
Date:   2017-10-16T13:41:36Z

    IGNITE-6637: SQL: add statements cache clear on cache destroy. This closes 
    (cherry picked from commit 9b81994)

commit 8530509488ec66cdf6115e4abb91bed3269124dc
Author: devozerov <vozerov@...>
Date:   2017-09-28T08:00:46Z

    IGNITE-6375: SQL: Fixed co-location issue in CREATE TABLE command. This 
closes #2660.
    (cherry picked from commit b7bb792)

commit 6179472a75680ab8dd9364f237b0f9673c60ea5d
Author: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@...>
Date:   2017-10-18T07:59:53Z

    IGNITE-6595 Cleanup entries after index rebuild
    (cherry picked from commit 425b65f)

commit 543d83d891b415f9c941db87b7ba0dfd146bc657
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2017-10-20T04:23:23Z

    IGNITE-6647 Added missing Mongo injector.
    (cherry picked from commit 173ecef)

commit 0680e3657eeafc0e9a3ba3f032ecc6f474ec8640
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2017-10-20T14:15:02Z

    IGNITE-6647 Web Console: Added folder for modules migrations.
    (cherry picked from commit 3700717)

commit 1e3b5aa1babced8b84f3522bd71ee1dee5a9e957
Author: Dmitriy Shabalin <dshabalin@...>
Date:   2017-10-23T09:09:47Z

    IGNITE-5909 Added list editable component.
    (cherry picked from commit 01daee6)

commit c116c258c334691770b8cad15520889bf7bb1859
Author: Sergey Chugunov <sergey.chugunov@...>
Date:   2017-10-23T14:18:33Z

    IGNITE-6668 Do not block metadata read when calling from discovery thread - 
Fixes #2880.
    Signed-off-by: Alexey Goncharuk <>

commit 96a46319b15ae1683c93fa209a5dde5a9effc750
Author: vsisko <vsisko@...>
Date:   2017-10-25T04:23:11Z

    IGNITE-6671 Web Agent: Fixed data type conversion for Oracle NUMBER(N) data 
    (cherry picked from commit 93be8ea)

commit 9cea71f21cf72af954c022a72b3ae8638acb213c
Author: Alexander Fedotov <alexander.fedotoff@...>
Date:   2017-10-25T11:43:16Z

    IGNITE-6555 When a CacheStore with a @SpringResource annotated field is 
configured Ignite fails to start via igniteSpringBean. This closes #2893.
    Signed-off-by: nikolay_tikhonov <>
    (cherry picked from commit dde348607ed266f87bf594cb2a221ec39d84cfdb)



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