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Of course I understand what a local cache means and it is not a mistake. But why does Ignite warn me on every query? My logs full with this warning. Maybe log level should be information or debug.

On 11/04/2018 01:33, Dmitriy Setrakyan wrote:
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I use local cache and get a lot of warnings when execute ScanQueries.

[13:26:25 WRN] <LocalUserActivity> Ignoring query projection because it's
executed over LOCAL cache (only local node will be queried):
GridCacheQueryAdapter [type=SCAN, clsName=null, clause=null,
ilterImpl@7629939a, transform=null, part=null, incMeta=false,
metrics=GridCacheQueryMetricsAdapter [minTime=9223372036854775807,
maxTime=0, sumTime=0, avgTime=0.0, execs=0, completed=0, fails=0],
pageSize=1024, timeout=0, keepAll=true, incBackups=false, dedup=false,
prj=o.a.i.i.cluster.ClusterGroupAdapter@708472f7, keepBinary=true,
subjId=null, taskHash=0]

What does it warn me about? Is it really warning?

Your cache is LOCAL, i.e. not distributed. This means that all the data is
located only on the local node. More on cache modes here:


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