Yes, I think that's probably right. IIRC, David Knupp is working on
this part of the infrastructure at the moment.

Any caveats here, David?

On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 8:16 PM, Vincent Tran <> wrote:
> While working on some data loading to a CDH cluster, I noticed that the
> aforementioned script requires that the cluster must contain the exact
> following services and nothing else:
> It also requires that all services on the cluster must be in STARTED state.
> Which are in-line with the original prequisites from IMPALA-4031
> <>
> Though these appears too strict to me. There shouldn't be any reason why
> the script can't continue on a cluster with extra services as long as the
> REQUIRED_SERVICES.issubset(services.keys()), should there?
> I patched the script locally to allow it to continue. So far I've not
> observed any problem. Are there any caveats to having extraneous services?
> Vincent

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