Hey devs!

Currently the issues@ mailing list (https://lists.apache.org/
list.html?iss...@impala.apache.org) gets notifications of JIRA issues that
are created and resolved.

I'm considering asking our PMC to create a new issues-all@ mailing list and
then asking ASF INFRA to update the JIRA notification scheme to send all

Would other people besides me be interested in issues-all@?

Based on a sketchy analysis of an RSS feed I found, this would roughly be
double the e-mail volume for people who opt in. There were ~315 comments
vs. ~240 created/resolved notifications in the feed.

$grep -o 'category term="[^"]*"' z.txt | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
   2 category term="stopped"
  12 category term="reopened"
  14 category term="closed"
  31 category term="started"
 117 category term="created"
 124 category term="resolved"
 315 category term="comment"


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