Hi Jialin, 

How is everything going?
I looked into the v0.9.0 changelist again and I am confused about IOTDB-174, 
which appears in both "New Features" and "Bug Fixes".
The description of IOTDB-174 is more like "New Features"- "Add interfaces for 
querying device or timeseries number ".
But the title of the pr#435 related to IOTDB-174 is more like "Bug Fixes" - 
"Fix querying timeseries interface cannot make a query by the specified path 
Usually a pr is intended to do one thing at a time. So I think we better 
clarify whether the pr fixes a bug or adds a new feature, or both indeed.

Lei Rui

On 10/31/2019 21:06,Jialin Qiao<qj...@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn> wrote:
Hi Tianan Li and Lei Rui,

I will update the change list according to your feedback.

Jialin Qiao
School of Software, Tsinghua University

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Fix: there are two merged prs linked to "[IOTDB-165][TsFile] Fix a example". 
One is "[IOTDB-165][TsFile] Fix a example", and the other one is 
"[IOTDB-165][TsFile] Delete a current version and add a number version and an 
exception". Actually the IOTDN-165 JIRA title is "compatibility considersion", 
not "Fix a example".

On 10/30/2019 14:22,Lei Rui<nezhaleg...@163.com> wrote:
You should remove duplicated changes in the former versions. For example, 
"IOTDB-172fix a bug of TsFileResource updateTime" has already been listed in 

Besides, "[IOTDB-165][TsFile] Fix a example" does not only fix a bug, but also 
change the TsFile structure,
which is unfortunately reflected neither from the JIRA issue title nor the pr 
From this example, we can also see that it is necessary to name our pr as 
accurate as possible.
And the release manager better double check if there is inconsistency between 
the JIRA issue and the linked pr.

Lei Rui
On 10/29/2019 17:11,Jialin Qiao<qj...@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn> wrote:

As 0.8.1 has been released, the release of 0.9.0 could start.

I would like to do the release manager of 0.9.0, and I gathered the change list:

## New Features

* IOTDB-143Compaction of data file
* IOTDB-205Support storage-group-level Time To Live (TTL)
* IoTDB 226Hive connect TsFile
* IOTDB-188Delete storage group
* IOTDB-253support time expression
* IOTDB-239Add interface for showing devices
* IOTDB-249enable lowercase in create_timeseries sql
* IOTDB-203add "group by device" function for narrow table display
* IOTDB-193Create schema automatically when inserting
* IOTDB-241Add query and non query interface in session
* IOTDB-223Add a TsFile sketch tool
* IOTDB-158add metrics web service
* IOTDB-234Refactor TsFile storage on HDFS
* IOTDB-199Add a log visulization tool
* IoTDB-174Add interfaces for querying device or timeseries number
* IOTDB-173add batch write interface in session
* IOTDB-151support number format in timeseries path
* Spark-iotdb-connector
* generate cpp, go, and python thrift files under service-rpc
* display cache hit rate through jconsole
* support time < 0: Fix initial value of minTimestamp to Long.MIN_VALUE in 
* Add interface (Delete timeseries) in session
* Add a tool to print tsfileResources (each device's start and end time)
* Support watermark feature
* Add micro and nano timestamp precision

## Incompatible changes

* RPC is incompatible, you can not use client-0.8.0 to connect with 
server-0.9.0 or use client-0.9.8 to connect with server-0.8.0.
* Server is backward compatible, server-0.9.0 could run on data folder of 
0.8.0. The data file will be upgraded background.


## Miscellaneous changes

* IOTDB-258    Add documents for Query History Visualization Tool and Shared 
Storage Architecture
* IOTDB-233keep metadata plan clear
* IOTDB-267reduce IO operations in deserializing chunk header
* IOTDB-265Re-adjust the threshold size of memtable
* IOTDB-251improve TSQueryDataSet structure in RPC
* IOTDB-221Add a python client example
* IOTDB-180Get rid of JSON format in "show timeseries"
* IOTDB-161Add ErrorCode of different response errors
* IOTDB-160External sort
* IOTDB-153further limit fetchSize to speed up LIMIT&OFFSET query

* reconstruct antlrv3 grammar to improve performance
* Tooling for release
* Modified Decoder and SequenceReader to support old version of TsFile
* Remove jdk constrain of jdk8 and 11

## Known Issues

* IOTDB-20    Need to support UPDATE

## Bug Fixes

* IOTDB-266     NullPoint exception when reading not existed devices using 
* IOTDB-264restart failure due to WAL replay error
* IOTDB-165[TsFile] Fix a example
* IOTDB-240fix unknown time series in where clause
* IOTDB-244fix bug when querying with duplicated columns
* IOTDB-174Fix querying timeseries interface cannot make a query by the 
specified path prefix
* IOTDB-195using String.getBytes(utf-9).length to replace string.length() in 
ChunkGroupMetadata for supporting Chinese
* IOTDB-211use "%IOTDB_HOME%\lib\*" to refers to all .jar files in the 
directory in start-server.bat
* IOTDB-172fix a bug of TsFileResource updateTime
* fix start-walchecker scripts for leting user define the wal folder

Is there any missing?

Jialin Qiao
School of Software, Tsinghua University

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