I've only been able to do a partial test (won't be back at my test system till 


On 18 February 2018 17:37:09 CET, Dan Haywood <d...@haywood-associates.co.uk> 
>I've cut a release (RC2) for Apache Isis Core and the two archetypes:
>* Core 1.16.1
>* HelloWorld Archetype 1.16.1
>* SimpleApp Archetype 1.16.1
>The source code artifacts have been uploaded to staging repositories on
>For each zip there is a corresponding signature file (append .asc to
>zip's url).
>In the source code repo the code has been tagged as isis-1.16.1-RC2,
>helloworld-archetype-1.16.1-RC2 and simpleapp-archetype-1.16.1-RC2; see
>For instructions on how to verify the release (build from binaries
>use in Maven directly), see
>NB: the above instructions are in the process of being improved.  To
>from source, use:
>mvn clean install -Dskip.git
>Please verify the release and cast your vote.  The vote will be open
>for a
>minimum of 72 hours.
>[ ] +1
>[ ]  0
>[ ] -1

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