On 18/10/16 16:44, "Michael Dürig" <mdue...@apache.org> wrote:

>On 18.10.16 4:39 , Stefan Egli wrote:
>> On 18/10/16 16:09, "Michael Dürig" <mdue...@apache.org> wrote:
>>> Oak has some support for glob filters. An official API has yet to be
>>> built though.
>> What API changes were you thinking of? This sounds like implying that we
>> can't declare the current JackrabbitEventFilter to now support glob
>> filters?
>The glob support we have in Oak is currently not exposed through an
>official API.
>I'm not implying that it cannot be exposed in any way. Neither am I
>implying that it is the right kind of glob support for Sling's use case
>nor anything else ;-)

Sure. Taking the 'imply' part back then ;)

My 'implied' assumption though was that it would be possible to support
glob filtering through the JackrabbitEventFilter's already existing
properties, namely the (include) paths. So atm we don't support glob for
those paths. But to add support could perhaps be done by 'just' changing
the javadoc (and of course the underlying implementation - but not the
interface itself). But perhaps I'm missing some parts of the picture here.
There might then of course be some question as to what and where exactly
glob wildcards are supported (and does that match what Sling needs).


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