On 03.10.2011 11:03, sebb wrote:
> The 72 hours are up.
> Although some additional bugs have surfaced, as far as I know these
> aren't regressions, so users are no worse off running 2.5.1, and in
> many respects it is better than 2.5.
> Therefore I think we should continue with the release.
> However, the known bugs section does not mention Bug 51918 and Bug
> 51919 so we should probably mention those in the announcement.
> Something like:
> "Version 2.5 introduced a concurrent download feature for embedded
> HTML resources. Unfortunately this may result in corrupted downloads
> or other errors (bugs 51918 and 51919). We will fix these bugs as soon
> as possible; meanwhile the feature should not be used".
> OK?

Sounds good.


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