Hello Sebb, Milamber , All,
I investigated this issue, particularly this part of issue

> stramge error for "JMS Subscriber - 001" - Response message:
> javax.naming.NamingException: Something already bound at Elite_To_MorphoTrak;

I created a simple test case and tried not to cache Context and it works
and in fact it is due to the fact that we cache Context and use it by many
>From this:

I conclude we should not do caching as it is not mandatory that context is
Thread Safe (and it's not the case for AMQ one).

Do you remember why Context were cached ? was it because of bad performances
if not cached ?
There are 2 solutions for that:

   - We remove caching
   - We add an  option in GUI to let user select if Context will be cached
   or not

Philippe Mouawad.

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