On 20 October 2011 11:18, Philippe Mouawad <philippe.moua...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Sebb,
> Did you have some time to review patch for issue 51861 ? If yes Are you OK
> if I commit it ?

I had a look, and I think it is better, but I suspect that there are
still some edge cases that may cause issues.

As there are no immediate plans for a new release, I think it is OK
this time round to commit the code and then fix any issues that arise.

Nightly builds don't have to maintain compatibility, so if the
implementation needs to be changed we can do so.

Probably sensible to put a note in the docs that the feature is still
under development; we can remove that before the next release if we
are happy all the issues have been resolved.

> In fact I am doing some load tests on GWT and it is really difficult to work
> without it.
> Hope you have some time to take it into account.
> Regards
> Philippe

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