The icons look really good, and should make JMeter easier to use.

But I think the code could be improved further:

1) IconToolbarBean uses ";" to separate most icon fields, but uses " "
to separate the optional pressed icon.

I think it might be clearer to use a single separator for all the
fields; it would also simplify the code slightly.

The toolbar property uses "," as a separator, whereas the icons use ";".

Might be better to use "," throughout - it's very slightly easier to
see the gaps between comma-separated items, compare:



2) JMeterToolBar.getIconMappings() supports overriding the toolbar
properties file.

However, if the user provides a property file, as far as I can tell
they have to provide all the icon definitions as well as the toolbar

That is a lot of work if all the user wants to do is to override the
toolbar order.

I think the code should load the default set, and then load any
customisation file.

Alternatively (or perhaps in addition), the user should be able to
provide the toolbar list as a separate JMeter property - i.e. they
could add it to


3) Just noticed something else: JMeterToolBar uses a LinkedHashMap to
collect the icon details.
AFAICT this prevents the user from duplicating any icons - I think it
would be better to just use a plain List and allow the user to
duplicate icons if they want.


I'm happy to do the changes once agreed.

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