Hello Sebb,
I am looking at how to fix issues with "Start Next Loop".
Is there a way to get parent controller from child ? I don't see how ?
Would it be through a call to testTree.traverse and a SearchClass Controller
? but we would also take into account controller that are down the


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> https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=51866
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> > If I put JMeterContextService.getContext().isWithinRestartNextLoop() test
> > in fireIterEvents() instead,
> > do you see a case where it could fail ?
> Yes, if fireIterationStart() is called directly.
> But adding it to both won't necessarily help either, as that only fixes the
> issue with iteration listeners.
> But as I pointed out in Comment 3, it's not just the counter that
> misbehaves;
> the counter problem is just one symptom.
> I think the whole "Start next loop" code needs rewriting.
> Effectively the option means "go to end of loop" for each controller up to
> the
> Thread Group. [At least I assume this is the intention, as the option only
> appears on the Thread Group controller.]
> So we need to code the feature as if this has happened, and then everything
> else should happen naturally.
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