Fixed, and in case you come across this in other situations:

maven-plugin-javadoc now ignores <additionalparam>

Instead, there is <doclint>.

This does not seem to be mentioned anywhere, at least I could not find except buried deep inside JIRA.

I don't understand why locally I don't get javadoc errors when running locally, but they do occur on Jenkins.

The only differences between ASF Jenkins and my local machine that might be relevant is that I run OpenJDK and our Jenkins jobs run Oracle JDK (OpenJDK is available though it lags and has less slave availability).



On 08/02/18 17:09, Andy Seaborne wrote:
Done, Elephas has an override for surefire (see other email).

The build-java9 job has been re-activated and set to run once a day.

It runs "mvn clean verify -Pdev" (no javadoc).

Elsewhere, the normal development build test is unhappy about javadoc in jena-iri (no source changes).  But it is fine on my machine - same javadoc-plugin (different java8).  There may be some noise of failing jobs while I try different versions.

[ERROR] /home/jenkins/jenkins-slave/workspace/Jena_Development_Test/jena-iri/src/main/java/org/apache/jena/iri/ warning: no @return
[ERROR] public boolean isError(int code) {

which is accurate but doclint is "none".

I don't fancy fixing up all javadoc to get it through java8!


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