Good idea - too many uses of "module" as well what with maven.

On 11/02/18 18:53, ajs6f wrote:
LGTM, with one suggestion: when discussing point [4] modules, maybe use the terms "JPMS" or Jigsaw 
or "new Java Platform Module System" or something to be very explicit. Some folks pay closer 
attention than others to "the state of the Java" and it may not be obvious to some what we mean .


On Feb 11, 2018, at 1:39 PM, Andy Seaborne <> wrote:

I thought that some text about the status of Jena and Java9 would be useful to 
users@ to state the current state. This could go in the 3.7.0 release notes.


DRAFT:: For discussion

Java8 is the current LTS version of Java and receives security updates. The 
next LTS is Java11. [Sched]


There are different cases for running with Java9:

[1] Run on a Java9 JVM
[2] Build using Java9 JDK, output Java8 classfiles.
[3] Java9 required - language features and runtime library
[4] Java9 modules

[1] at Jena 3.7.0, running with a Java9 platform (except as noted below) is 

[2] at Jena 3.7.0, running maven using Java9 to produce Java8 bytecode is 
supported (expect as noted).  We now run a Jenkins job daily to check this for 
the main jars.

[3] The project has no current plans to require a Java9 language runtime. The 
language requirement is still Java8.

[4] Jena jars can work as automatic modules but Jena itself does not provide a 
"modules" version. Proper migration needs all the dependencies to be modules, 
and also has implications on the upstream. Contribution and discussions are welcome!

For discussion and background see


And note: Java 9 is obsolete March 2018, as soon as java10 comes out.


jena-elephas depends on Hadoop that depends on that is not available 
in Java9.

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