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On 07/02/18 17:43, ajs6f wrote:
I'd suggest the wiki for now, but that's just my preference.

In related news, I haven't heard any more about Gitbox and reversing the 
direction of mirroring from INFRA. Some may recall that we ask about that a few 
months ago. With a reversed mirroring, we would could use Github's web UI to do 
merges (as Claude was just expecting to do) and the repo would get mirrored 
back to Apache. The cost would be that we lose our current convenient Jira 
integration, although INFRA is aware of that and is interested in working on 
that problem.


On Feb 7, 2018, at 10:37 AM, Andy Seaborne <a...@apache.org> wrote:

I feel bad this isn't documented properly so here is a first draft to rectify 

We can put it on the confluence wiki or have a folder in git for such docs.  If 
the preference is git, maybe migrate the release process there as well 
(sometime, somehow)?

Anyone got other tips to add?


# Setup in .git/config (in your clone of the Apache repo)
        name = ...
        email = <your apache email>

[remote "github"]
        url = https://github.com/apache/jena.git
        fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/github/*

# Pull from GH, push to ASF

In a terminal (it's going to fire off vi)

    cd YourApacheJenaClone

Pull from the GH mirror into the local clone of the ASF primary repo.

    git pull github pull/NNN/head --no-ff

"github" -- taken from .git/config.. You can use the full URL.
"--no-ff" -- No fast forward.
             This will stop git skipping asking for a commit comment.

When the comment edit comes up:

Put "JENA-9999: " on the front of the first line (the merge commit comment)

Add this line in the comment body:

    This closes #NNN.

which will close the PR when the repo sync up.

# Check:

    mvn clean install -Pdev

or whatever is appropriate.

# Push to Apache.
git push

# Finish up.

Wait a few moments for them to sync.  It is pretty quick.

You can now:

1/ Resolve the JIRA

2/ close the branch - go to the PR, which is now under "closed", and click "delete 
branch".  This delete the PR branch from your GH cloned repo.

3/ "git pull -p" to pull from your GH clone and prune tracked branches.

4/ "git branch -d <thelocalbranch>

On 07/02/18 09:52, Rob Vesse wrote:
This is normal because GitHub is a mirror of the Apache repository. If you 
check the email archive for the original notification of the pull request it 
includes instructions on the necessary steps to merge
´╗┐On 07/02/2018, 07:39, "Claude Warren" <cla...@xenei.com> wrote:
          I was looking at the git hub repository online and did not see a way 
     merge the pull request from the web.  Is this normal (i.e. we always merge
     on local machine and push) or do I just not have permissions, or am I
     looking at the wrong place?
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