Github user afs commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -131,26 +130,30 @@ public static void doResponseResultSet(HttpAction 
action, ResultSet resultSet, P
                 contentType = contentTypeTextPlain ;
             // Some kind of general dispatch is neater but there are quite a 
few special cases.
    +        // text/plain is special because there is no ResultSetWriter for 
it (yet). 
    +        // Text plain is special because of the formatting by prologue.
    +        // text/plain is not a registered result set language. 
             // JSON is special because of ?callback
    -        // 
    +        //
             // XML is special because of
             // (1) charset is a feature of XML, not the response 
             // (2) ?stylesheet=
             // Thrift is special because
             // (1) charset is meaningless
             // (2) there is no boolean result form.
    -        //
    -        // Text plain is special because of the formatting by prologue.
    +        if ( Objects.equals(serializationType, contentTypeTextPlain) ) {
    --- End diff --
    Style, no more :  `Objects.equals` copes with null in the same way the 
back-to-front `constant.equals(variable)` is also a null-defending idiom. Not 
that there will be nulls.  It could be a switch on strings. It should be `lang` 
driven but there is no text result set writer ATM and text is odd because it 
uses prefixes and no other result set format does.
    This is a quick fix to restore what become broken in the JENA-1454 redesign.


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