Code Ferret created JENA-1506:

             Summary: Add configurable filters and tokenizers
                 Key: JENA-1506
             Project: Apache Jena
          Issue Type: New Feature
          Components: Text
    Affects Versions: Jena 3.7.0
            Reporter: Code Ferret

In support of Jena-1488, this issue proposes to add a feature to allow 
including defined filters and tokenizers, similar to {{DefinedAnalyzer}}, for 
the {{ConfigurableAnalyzer}}, allowing configurable arguments such as the 
{{excludeChars}}. I've looked at {{ConfigurableAnalyzer}} and its assembler and 
it should be straightforward.

I would add tokenizer and filter definitions to {{TextIndexLucene}} similar to 
the support for adding analyzers:
    text:defineFilters (
        [ text:defineFilter <#foo> ; 
          text:filter [ 
            a text:GenericFilter ;
            text:class "fi.finto.FoldingFilter" ;
            text:params (
                [ text:paramName "excludeChars" ;
                  text:paramType text:TypeString ; 
                  text:paramValue "whatevercharstoexclude" ]
            ] ; 
{{GenericFilterAssembler}} and {{GenericTokenizerAssmbler}} would make use of 
much of the code in {{GenericAnalyzerAssembler}}. The changes to 
{{ConfigurableAnalyzer}} and {{ConfigurableAnalyzerAssembler}} are 
straightforward and mostly involve retaining the resource URI rather than 
extracting the localName.

Such an addition will make it easy to create new tokenizers and filters that 
could be dropped in by just adding the classes onto the jena/fuseki classpath 
or by referring to ones already included in Jena (via Lucene or otherwise) and 
putting the appropriate assembler bits in the configuration.

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