The vote passes with 3 +1 from Aaron, Chris and Andy.

Board report updated.

Thanks all,


Chris - saw the text documentation change. It will get published.

(Because the javadoc has the version number on it, the site will get published anyway. If only there weren't quite so many messages to commits@ ...)

On 06/10/2019 22:46, Andy Seaborne wrote:

Here is a vote on the release of Apache Jena 3.13.1.
This is the first proposed release candidate.

==== Changes:

which is these 4 tickets:

Enable clear out of all TDB1 location-related state.

Fuseki Web interface endpoint mechanism not working

Fix missing and duplicate Automatic-Module-Name metadata

Support lucene field names in jena-text queries

==== Release Vote

Everyone, not just committers, is invited to test and vote.
Please download and test the proposed release.

Staging repository:

Proposed dist/ area:


Git commit (browser URL):

Git Commit Hash:

Git Commit Tag:

Please vote to approve this release:

         [ ] +1 Approve the release
         [ ]  0 Don't care
         [ ] -1 Don't release, because ...

This vote will be open until at least

     Thursday, 10th October 2019 at 06:00 UTC

If you expect to check the release but the time limit does not work
for you, please email within the schedule above with an expected time
and we can extend the vote period.



Checking needed:

+ are the GPG signatures fine?
+ are the checksums correct?
+ is there a source archive?

+ can the source archive really be built?
           (NB This requires a "mvn install" first time)
+ is there a correct LICENSE and NOTICE file in each artifact
           (both source and binary artifacts)?
+ does the NOTICE file contain all necessary attributions?
+ have any licenses of dependencies changed due to upgrades?
            if so have LICENSE and NOTICE been upgraded appropriately?
+ does the tag/commit in the SCM contain reproducible sources?

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