>Indeed, undo is only within current active selection.

Ok. I just thought we could start with `undo for edit fields within the
current tree selection`.

In other words, reset all undo history when the test plan element is
I guess we could be able to release that activated by default, so
people could start using undo/redo.

A bit of a problem with that is it is required to attach undo listeners to
all the fields, and the fields can even be created dynamically :-/

I see two approaches:
a) when component UI is created, we can scan the component hierarchy, and
add the listeners to all JTextField-like objects in the tree
b) require that all JTextField must pass through a special API to add undo

Any thoughts on that?
I'm inclined to #a because changing all new JTextField with new
JMeterTextField would look like changing 100500 files out of thin air.


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