JMeter heavily relies on the UI, and would probably be nice if we could
have machinery for automated screenshot generation.

I see the following issues with the current screenshots:
1) They are often out of date
2) Image quality is not always good (e.g. LowDPI image does not work for
HiDPI screen)
3) Image themes are not consistent. One screenshot can be dark, another can
be light, and so on :(

What do you think if we replace screenshots with automatically generated

I've created a draft PR: https://github.com/apache/jmeter/pull/574
I implement a small class that instantiates GUI components and generates
PNG files out of it.

So far my findings are:
a) The full set of screenshots takes ~7 megabytes (or ~3.5 after pngquant).
We would probably want to keep screenshots in another repository.
Otherwise, we could pollute the main source repository with images quite
b) Different operating systems have slightly different rendering because
the default fonts are different
c) If we use a different repository for storing screenshots, then we could
render even multiple themes and add "preferred theme" switch to the website
d) A single component might need more than one screenshot (e.g. HTTP
request have multiple tabs)

Any thoughts?


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