Hi Matt,

thanks for pushing this forward, +1 from me.
One concern I have is related to the language packs licensing, can we
distribute them under AL2 license ? (as "convenience" binaries as the
official release consists of the Joshua source code).
I'm asking this because in OpenNLP we have had this long time issue of the
models licensing.


Il giorno gio 13 ott 2016 alle ore 18:58 Matt Post <p...@cs.jhu.edu> ha

> Hi folks,
> I think I'm going to do the 6.1 release tomorrow. Any objections?
> Along with the release will be about 60 language packs for a large range
> of languages. These will be released early next week and will be built on
> BerkeleyLM, so that there are no external dependencies.
> I'd like to push out the release quietly until the language packs are
> ready, uploaded, and linked.
> Is there anything I need to know to do an Apache release?
> matt

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