Hi Matt,
I like the sound of this :)

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> From: Matt Post <p...@cs.jhu.edu>
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> Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 12:58:47 -0400
> Subject: Joshua 6.1
> Hi folks,
> I think I'm going to do the 6.1 release tomorrow. Any objections?

No none at all!

> Along with the release will be about 60 language packs for a large range
> of languages. These will be released early next week and will be built on
> BerkeleyLM, so that there are no external dependencies.

Sounds grand. As stated, it would be really cool if these could also be
ALv2.0 licensed.

> I'd like to push out the release quietly until the language packs are
> ready, uploaded, and linked.


> Is there anything I need to know to do an Apache release?
Yes a few things. You can see the incubator release checklist at
There is also some more general documentation available at
http://incubator.apache.org/guides/graduation.html#releases, which will
eventually lead you to the release check list anyways.
If you have any issues then lets hash them out on this thread. Please note
that we need to review and VOTE prior to anything being pushed. We then
need to go to the Incubator PMC to get wider approval before shipping the
release. This 'can' be a bit painful... however from experience, if we 1)
document the release management procedure on our wiki, and 2) iron out any
issues within dev@joshua before we go to general@incubator then I am sure
we will not encounter too many issues.

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