finally launched the vote. Stumbled upon a couple of weird things to be
able to generate the build artifacts, so a couple more of minor commits
made into the release candidate.
- first one to fix a bug on the maven release plugin, caused by one of its
dependencies, also opened https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MRELEASE-997
for that.
- second to ensure a test yields the same results when running it under cmd
(I usually use cygwin, so haven't noticed before). Seems that git cloning
the project downloads the properties file with Unix line endings and that
somehow messes with the byte size of the file. I'll have a more closer look
at it once the release is done, but for now the test is passing.

Also, the last two builds at builds.apache.org have failed, but b/c they
were unable to create a folder for a dependency on their local .m2 repo. As
this is something related to where the build is run, I've asked infra to
look into it


>> You may want to consider publishing the blog post also on
>> jspwiki-wiki.a.o.
That would be a new section under
https://jspwiki-wiki.apache.org/Wiki.jsp?page=NewIn2.10, which would get
linked from the main and news pages


> Concerning markdown support,  I'd like to propose to include the %%markdown
>> behaviour
>> ( https://jspwiki-wiki.apache.org/Wiki.jsp?page=Markdown%20Behavior )  to
>> the standard build.
>> (could be in a next release)
>> Markdown support is an often requested feature;  and this is really a
>> light
>> weight approach
>> to use markdown on a jspwiki site. ( and you can mix it with regular
>> jspwiki markup, plugins, etc. )
+1 to include it for 2.10.4 (or 2.11.0, or whatever we end calling it)

juan pablo

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