Hello Kafka users, developers and client-developers,

This is the second candidate for release of Apache Kafka 2.6.0. This is a
major release that includes many new features, including:

* TLSv1.3 has been enabled by default for Java 11 or newer.
* Smooth scaling out of Kafka Streams applications
* Kafka Streams support for emit on change
* New metrics for better operational insight
* Kafka Connect can automatically create topics for source connectors
* Improved error reporting options for sink connectors in Kafka Connect
* New Filter and conditional SMTs in Kafka Connect
* The default value for the `client.dns.lookup` configuration is
now `use_all_dns_ips`
* Upgrade Zookeeper to 3.5.8

This release also includes a few other features, 76 improvements, and 165
bug fixes.

Release notes for the 2.6.0 release:

*** Please download, test and vote by Monday, July 20, 9am PT

Kafka's KEYS file containing PGP keys we use to sign the release:

* Release artifacts to be voted upon (source and binary):

* Maven artifacts to be voted upon:

* Javadoc:

* Tag to be voted upon (off 2.6 branch) is the 2.6.0 tag:

* Documentation:

* Protocol:

* Successful Jenkins builds for the 2.6 branch:
Unit/integration tests: https://builds.apache.org/job/kafka-2.6-jdk8/91/ (one
flaky test)
System tests: (link to follow)

Randall Hauch

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