We are using of Kafka (Java) libraries for our Kafka consumers and producers. In one of our consumers, our consumer config had a SSL specific property which ended up being used against a non-SSL Kafka broker port. As a result, the logs ended up seeing messages like:

17:53:33,722 WARN [o.a.k.c.c.ConsumerConfig] - The configuration *ssl.truststore.password = foobar* was supplied but isn't a known config.

The log message is fine and makes sense, but can Kafka please not log the values of the properties and instead just include the config name which it considers as unknown? That way it won't ended up logging these potentially sensitive values. I understand that only those with access to these log files can end up seeing these values but even then some of our internal processes forbid logging such sensitive information to the logs. This log message will still end up being useful if only the config name is logged without the value.

Can I add this as a JIRA and provide a patch?


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