Hi, Jiangjie,

Thanks for the proposal. Looks good to me overall. Just a couple of minor

1. I thought at some point you considered to only return offset in
offsetsForTimes instead of offset and timestamp. One benefit of doing that
is that it will make the return type consistent among all three new apis.
It also feels a bit weird that we only return timestamp, but not other
metadata associated with a message.

2. To be consistent with existing seek apis, would it be better to rename
earliestOffsets() and latestOffsets() to beginningOffsets() and


On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 4:38 PM, Becket Qin <becket....@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'd like to start the voting for KIP-79
> In short we propose to :
> 1. add a ListOffsetRequest/ListOffsetResponse v1, and
> 2. add earliestOffsts(), latestOffsets() and offsetForTime() methods in the
> new consumer.
> The KIP wiki is the following:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=65868090
> Thanks,
> Jiangjie (Becket) Qin

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