Hi Mates,
I was trying to understand that if auto.create.topics.enable=true then how
KafkaProducer first creates the topic and sends messages to it.

What I saw:

private Future<RecordMetadata> doSend(ProducerRecord<K, V> record, Callback

method in KafkaProducer.java.

What I failed to get:

When getting metadata for topic using

            ClusterAndWaitTime clusterAndWaitTime =
waitOnMetadata(record.topic(), this.maxBlockTimeMs);
line, I am failed to locate the path where we don't have any metadata for
the topic i.e. topic doesn't exist and according to
"auto.create.topics.enable=true" KafkaProducer invokes createTopic before
sending the record.

It works flawlessly with clients so it must be coded somewhere. I also saw
MockProducerTest.java but unable to locate.

I am a newbie so please forgive for any stupidity here.


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