Ashish Surana created KAFKA-6555:

             Summary: Making state store queryable during restoration
                 Key: KAFKA-6555
             Project: Kafka
          Issue Type: Improvement
          Components: streams
            Reporter: Ashish Surana

State store in Kafka streams are currently only queryable when StreamTask is in 
RUNNING state. The idea is to make it queryable even in the RESTORATION 
(PARTITION_ASSIGNED) state as the time spend on restoration can be huge and 
making the data inaccessible during this time could be downtime not suitable 
for many applications.

When the active partition goes down then one of the following occurs:
 # One of the standby replica partition gets promoted to active: Replica 
restores the remaining state from the changelog topic. The time taken for this 
depends on how much the replica is lagging behind in consuming changelog topic. 
During this restoration time the state store for that partition is not 
queryable giving us the downtime for the entire parition. We can make it 
queryable for the data already present in the state store.
 # When there is no replica or standby task, then active task will be started 
in one of the existing node. That node has to build the entire state from the 
changelog topic which can take lot of time depending on how big is the 
changelog topic, and keeping state store not queryable during this time is the 
downtime for the parition.


It's very important improvement as it could simply improve the availability of 
microservices developed using kafka streams. Any feedback or comments are 



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