I've dug around jira and the list of KIPs for a bit now, but could not
really find anything specific on plans to move the command line tools over
to the new AdminClient. Did I miss something or is that not currently

Most of the current command line tools require access to Zookeeper, which
becomes a bit of an issue once you enable zookeeper acls, as you need to
kinit with a broker keytab to be allowed write access which is somewhat of
a security concern. Also, if you want to firewall Zookeeper of from the
rest of the world any management command would need to be run from a
cluster machine.
None of this is an actual issue, it just required some additional effort
for cluster administration, however in a larger corporate environment I
can't imagine this would go down well with security audit guys and related

Using the AdminClient on the other hand allows to give specific users the
right to create topics/acls etc.which is checked by the brokers and
requires no access to Zookeeper by anybody except the brokers.

Maybe we could add a --use-adminclient parameter to the command line tools
sort of similar to the --new-consumer parameter to keep the old
functionality while enabling us to slowly move things over to the
AdminClient implementation?

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