Hi devs,

It's a bit difficult to put all of the pieces together regarding the status and 
API changes around the KIPs dealing with exposing the record metadata in the 
Processor and DSL APIs.  This is a feature that my team here at American 
Airlines is keenly interested in and I'd like to provide a real world use case 
to help move the discussion along:

I have a source topic that contains a text value that includes datetimes 
without a year.  The desire is to order the records in a stream by an extracted 
timestamp from the record value and we plan to use the timestamp from the 
source topic to provide the year.  We're hoping to use the DSL.  Something like:

val streamOrderedByMyValueTime = Builder.stream("sourceTopic").map( K,V -> 
KeyValue(KR, VR, timestamp) )

so then I can do

groupBy(), aggregate(), etc.

Inside the mapper, my timestamp would be something like 
LocalDateTime.of(yearFromIncomingConsumerRecordTimestamp, monthFromValue, 
dayFromValue, ....)

Looking at the wiki here 
https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=73637757, what 
is the proposed implementation of RichValueMapper?  Is it going to support what 
I want to do here?



Brad Warren
Principal Application Architect
Airport Technology



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