Jason Gustafson created KAFKA-6794:

             Summary: Support for incremental replica reassignment
                 Key: KAFKA-6794
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KAFKA-6794
             Project: Kafka
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: Jason Gustafson

Say you have a replication factor of 4 and you trigger a reassignment which 
moves all replicas to new brokers. Now 8 replicas are fetching at the same time 
which means you need to account for 8 times the current load plus the catch-up 
replication. To make matters worse, the replicas won't all become in-sync at 
the same time; in the worst case, you could have 7 replicas in-sync while one 
is still catching up. Currently, the old replicas won't be disabled until all 
new replicas are in-sync. This makes configuring the throttle tricky since ISR 
traffic is not subject to it.

Rather than trying to bring all 4 new replicas online at the same time, a 
friendlier approach would be to do it incrementally: bring one replica online, 
bring it in-sync, then remove one of the old replicas. Repeat until all 
replicas have been changed. This would reduce the impact of a reassignment and 
make configuring the throttle easier at the cost of a slower overall 

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