Anna Povzner created KAFKA-7151:

             Summary: Broker running out of disk space may result in state 
where unclean leader election is required
                 Key: KAFKA-7151
             Project: Kafka
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Anna Povzner

We have seen situations like the following:

1) Broker A is a leader for topic partition, and brokers B and C are the 

2) Broker A is running out of disk space, shrinks ISR only to itself, and then 
sometime later gets disk errors, etc.

3) Broker A is stopped, disk space is reclaimed, and broker A is restarted

Result: Broker A becomes a leader, but followers cannot fetch because their log 
is ahead. The only way to continue is to enable unclean leader election.


There are several issues here:

-- if the machine is running out of disk space, we do not reliably get an error 
from a file system as soon as that happens. The broker could be in a state 
where some writes succeed (possibly if the write is not flushed to disk) and 
some writes fails, or maybe fail later. This may cause fetchers fetch records 
that are still in the leader's file system cache, and then the flush to disk 
failing on the leader, causes followers to be ahead of the leader.

-- I am not sure exactly why, but it seems like the leader broker (that is 
running out of disk space) may also stop servicing fetch requests making 
followers fall behind and kicked out of ISR.

Ideally, the broker should stop being a leader for any topic partition before 
accepting any records that may fail to be flushed to disk. One option is to 
automatically detect disk space usage and make a broker read-only for topic 
partitions if disk space gets to 80% or something. Maybe there is a better 


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