Hello, Kafka developers.

I would like to start a discussion of KIP-358 [1].
It based on a ticket KAFKA-7277 [2].

I crawled through Stream API and made my suggestions for API changes.

I have several questions about changes.
Please, share your comments:

1. I propose do not remove existing API methods with long ms parameters. Is it 

2. Should we mark existing methods as deprecated?

3. Suggested changes in ticket description are `long durationMs` to `Duration 
duration` and similar.
I suggest to change 'long startTimeMs` to `LocalDateTime startTime` also.
Should we do it?

Please, note, it very first KIP for me, so tell me if I miss something obvious 
for experienced Kafka developers.

[2] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KAFKA-7277

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