Yeah, it's what I did (I forgot to do it before ;)).

Thanks for the tip !


On 10/09/2019 21:27, Steinar Bang wrote:
>>>>>> Jean-Baptiste Onofré <>:
>> Quick update about the bin/inc issue: it seems to be an environment
>> issue on one of my machine (I'm suspecting the CRLF git config).
>> I tested the SNAPSHOT deployed by Jenkins and it's working fine.
> JB, FWIW, I run with an LF only setup, and this is how I do it:
>  1. I add an .editorconfig like this to all projects (works with
>     IntelliJ, eclipse and emacs, and probably more):
>  2. After cloning a repo on windows, before starting work, I do the
>     following: 
>      git config core.eol lf
>      git config core.autocrlf input
>      git rm -rf --cached .
>      git reset --hard HEAD
>    (it's a an annoyance (but a minor one) to remember to do this after a
>    fresh clone.  However after being bitten by strange behaviour and
>    unexpected results, I stay away from global git settings, and checked
>    in .gitconfig files)

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