Hey folks,

I'd like to propose a release plan for the next few months.

My suggestion is that we aim for Kudu 1.1 some time around mid-November --
hopefully with enough time before Thanksgiving that no one here in the US
needs to worry about an impending release over the holiday. So, I think
that would be some time the week of 11/14.

That gives us a month from now to make some progress on in-flight features
and fixes. My preference is that this should be a time-based rather than
scope-based release, but I expect that some of the items that people are
working on should be ready by then. Speaking for myself, the pre-election
patch series can improve stability significantly in some cases and it will
be great to get that out to our users. I'm sure others have improvements
pending that will be ready by then too.

Following 1.1, I think we should plan for a 1.2 release early in January
(6-8 weeks after 1.1). My hope is that we can get a good chunk of the
security features that folks have started looking at done by then, as well
as various other work that people have been circulating design docs for.

I'll also volunteer to RM these two releases.

Todd Lipcon
Software Engineer, Cloudera

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