About select * from ....  :Kylin 1792
<https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KYLIN-1792> v1.5.3

Can you check if you see this error: "*Scan row count exceeded threshold:
1000000, please add filter condition to narrow down backend scan range,
like where clause*"

With Queries like this:


There are some limits:

- Read more 1M rows per RS

- Read more 100MB per RD

- Total result of Kylin 3.0 GB (more or less)

- Time limit to solve querie . (I don't remember if it was 10 seconds)

*As resume:* Kylin, can't read Billon of rows, and compute its. Because is
a OLAP Cube and we espect solve queries very very fast (This is the reason
of existence of a Precalculates Cubes)

You must add where condition to Select column from TB Where ...  to make a
predicate pushdown on queries

2016-12-02 3:23 GMT+01:00 alaleiwang <alaleiw...@sohu-inc.com>:

> KYLIN-1787  say fixed in v1.5.3,but it still happened from v1.5.1 to v1.5.3
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