It makes sense for me. Will the Cube ACL info be migrated (from Cube to
Table) when it is done?

2017-08-07 10:37 GMT+08:00 hongbin ma <>:

> Current ACL design is based on very early versions where kylin merely had
> simple concepts like projects and cubes.
> With the advent of Kylin v2.0, and several new concepts like Data Model (
> and Query
> Pushdown (KYLIN-2515), the original cube-centric ACL design is becoming
> outdated. The reasons are two-fold: 1. cubes are no longer the only
> entities we want to take control within each projects.  2. Cube-level ACL
> cannot protect underlying tables from being queries by unwanted users.
> In fact, cubes is merely a special kind of index on the original table.
> It's not straightforward to apply ACL on indexes rather than original
> tables. That said, we need table-level ACL instead of cube-level ACL. We
> have elaborated the detailed plans in KYLIN-2760 and KYLIN-2761. Please
> comment on those issues or reply this email if you have any concerns.
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