Kylin relies on HBase not only for Cube, but also for meta data. A stable
HBase is the basis if you expect Kylin with high performance and high
availability.  I don't know how EMR can ensure HBase HA when auto-scaling;
if it couldn't, that would be a problem.

2017-08-09 0:19 GMT+08:00 bk_180 <>:

> Hi Shaofeng Shi,
> Looking for some information on Hbase UI I realized that the node informed
> in the log was stopped during the process. So this explaind the timeout,
> correct?
> {"url":"http://<masternode>:7070/kylin/api/jobs/349d62e3-
> 7748-46ee-8009-3085726b5933","exception":"java.lang.RuntimeException:
> org.apache.kylin.job.exception.PersistentException:
> callTimeout=60000, callDuration=63012:
> row
> '/execute/349d62e3-7748-46ee-8009-3085726b5933' on table 'kylin_metadata'
> at
> region=kylin_metadata,/dict/VIEW_CREDITO/COD_PROMOTOR/
> a61c83e7-01e7-4971-9539-dd5c7ed07dff.dict,1500376865680.
> 301b695304237ff0d1a7774bbff83b67.,
> /hostname=<node>,/16020,1501960877256, seqNum=163046"}
> We are running a Cluster on AWS EMR (hbase in S3) and using the tasknodes
> with autoscalling feature turned on, I´m understandig that this node was
> decomissioned due this configuration.
> Can you see any other problem we migth face?
> Thanks for answering my post.
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