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We can also do the following step:
1. submit issue in https://issues.apache.org;
2. related a review request to https://reviews.apache.org/dashboard;
3. The committer can patch +1 policy in review request;
4. The committer can review patch of issue in review request. 

On 2018/02/02 03:10:32, ShaoFeng Shi <shaofeng...@apache.org> wrote: 
> Hello, Apache Kylin community,
> This is another proposal follows the "Component Owner" proposal;
> The below policy is a suggested policy rather than a hard requirement.
> Apache Kylin is made of components. Components have one or more OWNERs. See
> the 'Description' field on the components JIRA page for who the current
> owners are by component.
> Patches that fit within the scope of a single component require, at least,
> a +1 by one of the component’s owners before commit. If owners are absent 
> —
> busy or otherwise — two +1s by non-owners but committers will suffice.
> Patches that span components need at least two +1s before they can be
> committed, preferably +1s by owners of components touched by the
> x-component patch.
> Any -1 on a patch by anyone vetoes a patch; it cannot be committed until
> the justification for the -1 is addressed.
> Please review this policy and share your comments; If no objection, we will
> update it to Kylin's development process and enforce it in the future.
> Thanks!
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> Best regards,
> Shaofeng Shi 史少锋

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