I would like to take the ownership of "Security" components. 
I also could be a backup owner for "Job Engine" components.

Best regards,
Jianhua Peng

On 2018/02/02 02:39:38, ShaoFeng Shi <shaofeng...@apache.org> wrote: 
> Hello, Kylin community,
> In the past, we don't have a clear rule on Kylin each component's
> ownership, which caused many external patches be pending there as no
> reviewer to pick up.
> Now we plan to make the process and responsibility more clear. The main
> idea is to identify the owners of each Apache Kylin component.
> - Component owners will be listed in the description field on this Apache
> Kylin JIRA components page [1]. The owners are listed in the 'Description'
> field rather than in the 'Component Lead' field because the latter only
> allows us to list one individual whereas it is encouraged that components
> have multiple owners.
> - Component owners are volunteers who are expert in their component domain
> and may have an agenda on how they think their Apache Kylin component
> should evolve. The owner needs to be an Apache Kylin committer at this
> moment.
> - Owners will try and review patches that land within their component’s
> scope.
> - Owners can rotate, based on his aspiration.
> - When nominate or vote a new committer, the nominator needs to state which
> component the candidate can be the owner.
> - If you're already an Apache Kylin committer and would like to be a
> volunteer as a component owner, just write to the dev list and we’ll sign
> you up.
> - If you think the component list need be updated (add, remove, rename,
> etc), write to the dev list and we’ll review that.
> Below is the component list with old component lead, which assumes to be
> updated soon.
> [1]
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/projects/KYLIN?selectedItem=com.atlassian.jira.jira-projects-plugin:components-page
> Please comment on this plan; if no objection, we will run it for some time
> to see the effect. Thanks for your inputs!
> And, thanks to Apache HBase community, from where I learned this.
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Shaofeng Shi 史少锋

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