I'm trying to use beeline to connect to zookeeper to connect to hive (all
through kylin). If I run the following in command line

beeline -u "jdbc:hive2://*<connection string>*;serviceDiscoveryMode=z
> ooKeeper;zooKeeperNamespace=hiveserver2"

The connection to Hive is established using the command above.

I added the following lines to *conf/*



kylin.source.hive.beeline-params= -u "jdbc:hive2://*<connection string>*
> ;serviceDiscoveryMode=zooKeeper;zooKeeperNamespace=hiveserver2"

*Tried a number of different variations of the
*kylin.source.hive.beeline-params *as well as adding
*kylin.server.cluster-servers* values.

If I then try to connect to hive through kylin (*Model -> Data Source ->
Load Hive Table From Tree), *I get the following error (I did kinit)

*"java.sql.SQLException: Could not open client transport for any of the
> Server URL's in ZooKeeper: Unable to read HiveServer2 uri from Zookeeper"*

The Console prints the following
500 (Internal Server Error)
*I've attached a copy of the logged error if that helps (full log was too
big to send)

If I use *cli* instead of *beeline*, the *default *database shows (there
should be other databases loaded); however, if you click on *default*, none
of the tables show.

Is there a step I'm missing? Is there more info I can send to help make the
error clear? Has this already been discussed and solved?

Best regards

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