If you suspect this problem is related to port, you may change your Kylin's
default port(7070) to any other available ports temporarily just
for clarifying your suspicion first?

The way to modify this is changing "<Connector port="7070"
protocol="HTTP/1.1" in tomcat/conf/server.xml.



Aron Tao

jenkinsliu <jenkins...@163.com> 于2018年10月26日周五 上午9:41写道:

> Here is log.
> kylin.start <http://apache-kylin.74782.x6.nabble.com/file/t844/kylin.start>
> kylin.log <http://apache-kylin.74782.x6.nabble.com/file/t844/kylin.log>
> kylin.out <http://apache-kylin.74782.x6.nabble.com/file/t844/kylin.out>
> The kylin seems start and there is no error in the log.
> A new Kylin instance is started by root. To stop it, run 'kylin.sh stop'
> Check the log at /root/apache-kylin-2.5.0-bin-hbase1x/logs/kylin.log
> Web UI is at http://<hostname>:7070/kylin
> [root@sandbox-hdp bin]# netstat -tunlp |grep 7070
> tcp        0      0  *
> 5160/java
> The reason may be the sandbox hdp(2.6.5) port forwarding.Do you know how to
> enable 7070 port for sandbox hdp(2.6.5) in sandbox.
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