Davide Malagoli created KYLIN-3857:

             Summary: add parameter to change sql quoting character for sqoop
                 Key: KYLIN-3857
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KYLIN-3857
             Project: Kylin
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Davide Malagoli
         Attachments: sqoop-error.log, sqoop-script.sh

I've set up  Kylin to access a SQL server using JDBC and do the ETL step as 
described in


but when the "Sqoop To Flat Hive Table" runs it terminates with an error shown 
in the attached log.

It seems that the root cause is the presence of the '`' character in the query, 
which has no meaning for sql server.


My problem seems to related to this piece of code


public class FlatTableSqlQuoteUtils {

public static final String QUOTE = "`";

 * Quote identifier by default quote `
 * @param identifier
 * @return
 public static String quoteIdentifier(String identifier){
 return QUOTE + identifier + QUOTE;


The solution may be to add a parameter to change this character used for 


Just to be sure I made a copy of the original "sqoop" command to "sqoop.orig" 
and replaced the original with a little script of mine (attached).

This little script removes the "`" character from the original command and the 
call "sqoop.orig" with the cleaned arguments.

It works, but it is still an ugly workaround.


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