Hi all,

The source code of apache-kylin-2.6.1 has been released on 3/8 on last
week. Now we prepared the binary packages of v2.6.1 for users' convenience.
Please review the binary packages, and give your vote.

The packages are in :

The hash of the artifact is as follows:
apache-kylin-2.6.1-bin-hbase1x.tar.gz -
apache-kylin-2.6.1-bin-hadoop3.tar.gz -
apache-kylin-2.6.1-bin-cdh57.tar.gz  -
apache-kylin-2.6.1-bin-cdh60.tar.gz  -

The checking content should include:

   - sigs and hashes must be OK
   - the package must contain the correct NOTICE and LICENSE files for the
   included content
   - the package must not contain any content not derived from the source.
   - in the case of bundled binaries, reviewers must check that all
   contents are represented in the LICENSE (and NOTICE file if required).
   The bundle must not contain any files that are prohibited from
   distribution (category X).

Here is my vote:
+1 (binding)

Thank you!

Best regards,

Shaofeng Shi 史少锋
Apache Kylin PMC
Email: shaofeng...@apache.org

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