Sure, here is the code  at And the "Not 
sorted! last: XXXXXX fetched: XXXXXXX" exception may happen when query some 
table contain Chinese value(or messy code).
public E next() {
if (!nextFetched) {
throw new IllegalStateException("Should hasNext() before next()");

//TODO: remove this check when validated
if (last != null) {
if (, fetched) > 0)
throw new IllegalStateException("Not sorted! last: " + last + " fetched: " + 

last = fetched;
nextFetched = false;

    return fetched;
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On 3/26/2019 23:08,elkan1788<> wrote:
I not sure can understand your question cleanly. Can you give more
information about it, just like with a good sample.  Also you can forward
the code what you found and think that is happened!

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