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Here's Kylin board report for this cycle, please help to review and leave
your feedback here. If some information needs to be added, please list here.

## Description:
The mission of Apache Kylin is the creation and maintenance of software
related to a distributed and scalable OLAP engine

## Issues:
No issue need board's attention;

## Membership Data:
Apache Kylin was founded 2015-11-18 (4 years ago) There are currently 39
committers and 23 PMC members in this project. The Committer-to-PMC ratio is
roughly 5:3.

Community changes, past quarter:
- Chunen Ni was added to the PMC on 2019-11-26
- Xiaoxiang Yu was added as committer on 2019-12-27
- Temple Zhou was added as committer on 2019-11-14

## Project Activity:
Recent releases:
3.0.0 was released on 2019-12-18.
3.0.0-beta was released on 2019-10-24.
2.6.4 was released on 2019-10-12.

As across the year-end and beginning, there is no Meetup event in the past 3
months; But we have several online webinars to share the Kylin tutorial and
user scenarios, which attracts more than 100 audiences each time.

## Community Health:
dev@kylin.apache.org had a 7% increase in traffic in the past quarter (316
emails compared to 294) iss...@kylin.apache.org had a 33% increase in
in the past quarter (2686 emails compared to 2011) 120 issues opened in
past quarter (no change) 96 issues closed in JIRA, past quarter (-33%
decrease) 343 commits in the past quarter (76% increase) 51 code
in the past quarter (34% increase) 161 PRs opened on GitHub, past quarter
(12% increase) 174 PRs closed on GitHub, past quarter (41% increase)

The community is keeping growing; In Dec. of 2019 we just released the
new Kylin 3.0 version, we're looking forward to attracting more users to

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Shaofeng Shi 史少锋
Apache Kylin PMC
Email: shaofeng...@apache.org

Apache Kylin FAQ: https://kylin.apache.org/docs/gettingstarted/faq.html
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