Hi all,

The aim of this message is to announce two good news :)

* First we recently completed our first build of OOo1.1.4 in Breton (first 
level localization) which is now available for download at 
The final build will be released within two weeks and hopefully will include 
our Breton spell checker and a bunch of language fixes (10% of the strings have 
been fixed since the Beta).

This work has been completed by the Korvigelloà An Drouizig association. 

The working team for this project is actually made of 3 people including:

- 1 Breton native speaker, 27yeard old, very familiar with technical vocabulary.
- 1 expert in Breton neology and Celtic languages, 33 year old, also fluent in 
Breton technical vocabulary.
- 1 computer scientist (myself), 32 year old, also expert in the Breton 
vocabulary of computer science.

All 3 of us are fluent in Breton and have already been involved in the 
following localization projects:

Mozilla Firefox 1.03
Mozilla Thunderbird 1.02
AbiWord 2.2.4
eMule 0.45b
FilleZilla 2.2.11
OpenOffice 1.1.4
NSIS 2.0.5
Google interface in Breton
+ about 30 other minor free/opensource software localized (utilities, games, 

We also maintain a Breton spell & syntax checker (that actually handles more 
than 1100000 forms of modern Breton) and sell a computer keyboard with a 
special layout.

* Second, we are annoucing that we have started the localization of OOo2.0.
As mentioned in the following page 
http://www.khmeros.info/tools/localization_of_openoffice_2.0.html, we need to 
ask the localization team several requests:

- Microsoft still does not provide a LCID for Breton (and all minority 
languages of France are concerned, including Corsican, Occitan, Breton, 
Alsatian, Platt, ...only the ones shared with Spain have one), so we need to 
ask you guys to define one. For OOo114 we chose 0x4FF, but I am not sure if it 
was a very good choice...
- The script for Breton is the same as for French, English, Spanish = Latin 
- For the localization of OOo114, we had to add Breton in the list of supported 
languages (for the language environments available), file 
./svx/source/dialog/langtab.src. So my request would be: would it be possible 
to reference Breton by default in this list ?
- That's all for the moment :)

Obviously, any comment/question is very welcome,

Thanks to all & keep up the good (& opensource) job!

Philippe B. ar Gall.
Web page: http://www.drouizig.org

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