This is a voting thread for Libcloud 1.2.1.

If you were following the thread regarding 1.2.0, because of a
breaking change to the PyPi API, we were unable to upload the signed
packages to the pypi servers. This means the release had to be deleted
for risk of pushing unsigned binaries that were not voted on out to
Whilst trying to solve this problem I was made aware of a critical bug
in the Dimension Data backup module affecting a number of users, so I
am starting this bugfix minor release.
This will replace the 1.2.0 release stop on PyPI. You should see on
the changelog that this is the only change to be applied since the
1.2.0 tag.

A new -tentative tag is committed and can be found at;a=tag;h=refs/tags/v1.2.1-tentative

A full list of changes can be found at:;a=blob;f=CHANGES.rst;h=671085eceebb3f4c48c393fd9be2226bf1fa290f;hb=0c192cf18f8b649642ebd30c5914b7f93e9a4228

Major bug fixes include:

- [dimension data] fix or dimension data backup driver

Release artifacts can be found at

Note that KEYS file can found at

Please test the release and post your votes.

+/- 1
[  ]  Release Apache Libcloud 1.2.1

Vote will be open until September 23rd, 2016 (or longer, if needed).


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