Hi Joo,
    The copy of the first to the agent is not in the critical path (i.e. 
vrouter can send packets to the agent faster than the rate at which flows can 
be setup), so moving to shared memory for this purpose is not critical.


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Date: Monday, October 17, 2016 at 2:01 AM
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Subject: [opencontrail-dev] first packet processing performance between Vrouter 
and agent


Looks like, in the case of ARP, DHCP,..  , packet is copied and sent from 
vrouter to agent. Maybe, that kind of traffic's performance does not matter 

Then, for regular traffic, on 1st packet processing, as I understand, vrouter 
copies the packet header only and sends it over pkt0   to agent.  If that's the 
case, since it is still a copy(hence, expensive), isn't it the 1st packet 
processing performance could be a bottleneck during traffic rampup?
Any plan to move to shared memory between vrouter(userspace version) and agent 
for packet (header) exchange?

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